Easy Way to Monitored Your Computer Activities

Having a password on your computer or lap top is only guarantee the security of your computer for yourself.  But what if your computer or laptop is a sharing computer?  There will be no way for you to password it.  However, since there is important and private data in your computer, surely you would not want anyone to be able to access them, whether it is your family, friend, colleagues, boss or even your children.  You could make sure the safety of your computer by using a program that can track the entire computer’s activity.  This is well known as key logger.

Other advanced tool that you could use is known as computer spy.  It is almost similar with key logger but without any device being plug in to our computer or laptop.  This will make other people unaware that their activities being recorded in the computer.

This is a simple device that once you plug in to your computer or laptop, it will install themselves in just a few
moments.   Once the program installed, it can record every activities in the computer, include each websites visited, mails and even passwords.   With this, you’ll be able to leave your computer without worry because it is always been monitored.

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